USA | 2022 | Drama, Comedy | 22' | Cantonese, Mandarin and English

Some tequila, a little OJ, and a splash of grenadine. Is that too much to ask for? Jia doesn’t think so. At 70 years old, she deserves a break! But when the toll of looking after her dementia-ridden husband gets too heavy, she starts imagining other creative solutions so she can finally relax. (CAAMFest)

Key Crew & Cast

Writer/Director/Editor: Jinsui Song 宋金穗Producer: Zhi Qi Yeo 杨织綨, Jinsui Song 宋金穗Cinematographer: Jacqueline Chan 陳煒霖Production Designer: Justine Law 羅家怡Costume Designer: Xiyu Lin 林熹雨Sound Designer: Peiqi Duan 段佩琪Music Composer:  Moni Jasmine Guo 郭茉泥Cast: Cici Lau 劉思思, Jim Lau 柳青

Poster Designer: Shelby Chan